The Atomic Design Co. is a Branding & Design firm serving unique businesses & people like yourself. We are here to turn your concepts into reality.

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All logos, branding, & websites are custom tailored to fit your corporate or individual identity. If you don’t have a design yet a logo and letter design will be included in the project.


WordPress is a popular easy-to-use and maintain content management system. I will show you how to manage your own content and make slight changes to your website.


Need help getting started with an online store? After building your website consider an online sales platform which will put your products in front of the world!

Social Media

A brand image is an important component to a business’s success. It helps to create immediate recognition and can convey messages and ideas such as trustworthiness, fun, youthful exuberance, or wisdom. For all intents and purposes, it really is the “face” of your business.

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